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I used to be that person always on my phone, allowing each day to pass by without a single notice, & soon enough, it would already be the next season & I wouldn’t be able to recall anything I had done that was remotely noteworthy within the time that had passed. I let life drift by as it waved to me, I ignored it with my face in my phone obsessing over trivialities. When I decided enough was enough, (as always) I went way to far to the opposing side; forcing myself to be productive at every given hour & would feel anxious on end if I wasn’t. Obtaining knowledge on balance helped greatly in practically every aspect of my life. Oftentimes, I still must remind myself of balance, but nonetheless, I definitely recommend inviting balance in your life for some tea. To balance your life in allowing relaxation & sustaining productivity is true power over ones life. After all, “even the ocean has its limits of reaching its furthest point on the shore.”

The trick, though, is to understand which activities you involve yourself in are healthy vs. destructive.

Energy Givers:

Energy Drainers:

Learning how to recharge in your daily life is crucial to staying motivated. Without it, there wouldn’t be much (if not, any) balance, & far too much chaos.



"suivre le papillon jaune"

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